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Udo Lee
Audio Post, Recording & Sound System
Jeju Island Berlin

Sound for Film

Community of Parting (Jane Jin Kaisen). Exhibited at Korean Pavilion, La Biennale di Venezia 2019. Scoring, mixing, location recording.

In Flux (Nils Clauss and Udo Lee). Exhibited in 2019 at Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art (GMOMA) and Kaosiung Museum of Fine Arts. Concept, direction, composition, mixing, location recording.

Art Attack (Nils Clauss). Sound editing, mixing.

'My hometown means the sea': A North Korean defector's poem
(Washington Post). Sound FX recording.

Plastic Girls - Cinequest Film Festival Trailer

Plastic Girls (w/ Nils Clauss).
Scoring, mixing.

Journey To Ladakh (Samsung Electronics).
Sound design, scoring, mixing.
Or check the client-friendly version What Is Your Himalaya?

Dialog. Inspiration. Traeume. (Goethe Institut Seoul).
Scoring, sound design, mixing.


Featuring In Flux
Directors Notes

Praise and confusion re: Plastic Girls
Vice Creators
The Verge
Directors Notes
It’s Nice That
Digital Trends


Initiation Traces of subtly evolving synth grains

Leguan (Dub)
A lo-fi house track at heart, it could not resist the power of the dub

Deep space house track made in 2007, still deep today

Pyroclastic Flow 01 (w/Hojun Song)
Chasing unpredictable sonic textures based on unpredictable modulators at hhjjj studio. More here.


Sunday Residency at Vadada, Jeju, has ended.

19.07.21 - 13:00pm-16:00pm, Vadada, Jeju

19.04.13 - Prom Night (KIS), Landing Resort Convention Centre, Jeju

19.03.23 - Bluebird Launching Party, Bluebird, Jeju

18.10.24 - Farewell Magpie/Hello Bluebird, Magpie Tapdong, Jeju

18.06.01 - Link, Pistil, Seoul

18.04.07 - Prom Night (KIS), Landing Resort Convention Centre, Jeju

18.03.30 - Vadada, Jeju

18.03.27 - Vadada, Jeju

18.02.13 - The Cliff, Jeju

18.02.10 - Pre-opening, The Cliff, Jeju

17.11.01 - Seaweed No.2, Ganse Lounge, Jeju

17.06.17 - 1 year Magpie Brewery, Jeju

17.05.20 - Seaweed Mag Launch, Jeju

17.05.01 - Excuse Me Fashion Fair, Hyundai Dept., Seoul

17.05.02 - Excuse Me Fashion Fair, Hyundai Dept., Seoul

17.04.29 - 9oz Burger Re-opening, Jeju

17.04.08 - Prom Night (KIS), Kensington Hotel, Jeju

16.10.29 - Halloween, Magpie Brewery, Jeju

15.06.29 - Ujeongguk Opening, Seoul

14.12.31 - NYE, Platoon Kunsthalle, Seoul

14.11.29 - Isolated, Vurt, Seoul

14.08.21 - Thursday w/ Eugene Blake House Ming, Seoul

14.04.11 - 5 Years Of, Platoon Kunsthalle, Seoul

14.03.01 - Night Sweats w/Dambi Kim, Eugene Blake, Zachh, Venue, Seoul

14.02.01 - Loosies, Cakeshop, Seoul

13.11.09 - D&Department Opening, Seoul

13.11.01 - Night Sweats w/Eugene Blake, Rou Set, Zachh, Venue, Seoul

13.09.17 - Night Sweats w/Bumho Shin, Rou Set, Zachh, Venue, Seoul

13.03.23 - Dance Society w/Magic Touch, Slow Danse, Cakeshop, Seoul

13.01.19 - Dance Society w/MagicoToDisco, Slow Danse, Cakeshop, Seoul

12.06.20 - Stranger Than Paradise w/Bonar Bradberry, MagicoToDisco, Club Maison, Seoul

12.02.29 - Eloquence Magazine Launching, Leapfrog, Bangkok

12.01.26 - Low Pitch, Mystik, Seoul

11.10.08 - Freitag Bags Opening, Seoul

10.12.13 - No More Daughters & Heroes, Aramnuri Aram Art Gallery, Goyang

2010 - Friends' Night Series, Club Naked, Seoul

2009-12 - Resident DJ, Platoon Kunsthalle, Seoul

2008 - We Love Techno Parties, Joker Red, Seoul